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 SIDCO Clothing & Apparel

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T-shirts & Sweatshirts

Our major projects are depicted on the back of our T-shirts, in colorful designs set up by our Art and Graphics department. Our shirts are modeled here by some of the lady divers on the team. Right now we have the Sugar Ship design. We made a switch to a new printer, but the Fort Ocracoke design will be back soon along with two more designs including Beach Wreck Survey and SS Pevensey. See clothing details below.

Click on the little thumbnails to see the full size pictures...

  Lisasugr.jpg (202589 bytes) Lisa Willis models the long sleeve "Sugar Ship" shirt.

Lisasug2.jpg (311227 bytes) A second view of Lisa and the long sleeve "Sugar Ship" T.

KatyyellowB.jpg (762345 bytes) SIDCO diver Katy Blair models the front of our shirts which display the team logo.

Holyssh1.jpg (202754 bytes) Holly McCullogh models the "Sugar Ship" sweatshirt.

Natsh2.jpg (577754 bytes) Diver Natalie Badillo displays our standard front pocket logo used on all our shirts.

  Danifrt2.jpg (194126 bytes) Diver Danielle Caselli shows a better view of our standard company logo.

Danifort.jpg (150289 bytes) Danielle models our Fort Ocracoke shirt design.

Inezfort.jpg (470402 bytes) Inez Pope also displays the Fort Ocracoke design.

Short sleeve T-shirt w/out pocket- $12.95

Short sleeve T-shirt w/ pocket- $14.95

Sweatshirts- $24.95 

All XXL- add $2

Please include $4 shipping with a max of 5 shirts. For more shirts, please call...

Colors available:

Black White Ash Athletic Heather Banana Cornflower Kiwi Red

Navy Royal Natural Khaki Sagestone

Note: not all styles available in these colors, please call for details...


Team Hats

Prices and Color Selections Coming VERY Soon...

More items coming soon...!

Credit Card Purchasing- See inch scale link above