A study done at ECU in the late 90's clearly shows that there are between 7,000 and 10,000 shipwrecks and submerged cultural sites in North Carolina, from the mountains to 45 miles offshore. SIDCO has an epic job to do. Be a part of the Historic Preservation & help us, together, we can make a difference!

Our 501(c)3, EIN, and financial data are available upon request .

Things we badly need…

We are in desperate need of dependable outboard engines- Two years ago, we had a primary use outboard engine disintegrate or “blow up” in the field. This spring, a second outboard was destroyed, due to normal, long-term use. We have no funding to replace these engines and two of our four boats are dead in the water.


25' or larger travel or camper trailer- We BADLY need a large travel trailer to convert in to a field office to support our work on Ocracoke Island. This is a PRIMARY NEED! If we are to continue our work at Ocracoke Inlet we must find this item! 

Several 16 to 24 ft Skimmers or Carolina Skiffs -Please see the boat donors page to see the support vessels we have planned.

 We have long needed a long pontoon boat, just the boat and a trailer, we already have an engine, a 50HP Yamaha (just donated...). We have no need of the fancy seating or frills, just a sturdy boat about 21-24' long and a good trailer.