THANK   YOU ! ! !

Because our boats are such a critical part of our operation, we wanted to dedicate one entire section of our web page to those who donate boats, boat equipment, boat expertise, or even their time in helping us keep our boats afloat and in operational status.  We couldn't do our job without your generosity, and from the bottom of our air tanks, we thank you.


All SIDCO vessels use electronics made by

We Lead, We Find, You Win.


Randal D. Ring
Dennis Metcalf
Roy Broadley
Doug Guthrie
Eddie Cameron
Edward Schlata


      Gaylon & Gene at Southern Skimmer took the parts and built us a tank! Reenforced transom, deck and hull, added a sump (its a dive boat remember....?), corner boxes and an extra coat of glass... a donated 70HP Johnson and trailer and she is the perfect shallow water dive boat...

r/v Excavator  

(SIDCO diver Dave Pope & Gaylon Gregory from Southern Skimmer, along with SIDCO Secretary Eric Baptiste and Southern Skimmer's Shop Manager Gene O'Dell)



r/v Fortress 

The flagship of the SIDCO fleet. Joining the fleet in winter of 1999, this 23 foot SeaOx was donated along with it's matching trailer and a 200HP Mercury outboard. This vessel is a medium range/ diver support platform. This year she will head up our Fort Ocracoke work. She is now equipped with a Schonstedt towed magnetometer, a Westmar towed side-scan sonar and an onboard computer system.

As a tax-deductible donation, an older marine vessel is worth far more in tax deductions than it is if resold.

Our other New Arrival: 

r/v Explorer 

 Our third Southern Skimmer, this brand new 21 foot has recently joined the SIDCO Fleet. She is a long-range, heavy-duty work platform for divers and surface personnel. Equipped with one of the new Suzuki 4-strokes, she "sips" fuel while providing high speed and sure-footed stability.

Thank You Donor!




"Mighty Mite" 

(after her namesake, "The Atom" from DC Comics)

This 16 foot Southern Skimmer is the workhorse of the fleet. She carries pumps, dredges, compressors, airlift dredges and surface supplied air units to and from the sites. She has acted as a "chase boat" for the Crissie Wright project, a crew and support boat for the Thurlow project and primarily as a support boat for our work at Ocracoke Inlet


This 19 foot Atlantic Skiff is powered by a 90HP Mariner and is built with a unique engine "well" which allows hoses, lines and other gear to be run off the stern of the boat without interfering with the running engine. With twin 12 gallon fuel tanks, this is a Long Range Work Boat.





Here is a look now at the future of our team fleet



Pathfinder will be one of the most advanced shallow water remote sensing vessels on the East Coast. This skimmer-type vessel will be fully enclosed and capable of working in "all weather conditions"! She will incorporate our Schonstedt magnetometer, Westmar Side-scan sonar, Lowrance Differential DGPS navigation systems and onboard computers, all in a comfortable cabin that will allow us to work in the worst of marine conditions!


~Also in planning stages...~




This vessel is BADLY needed for our work at Ocracoke. Goliath is a HUGE 28' skimmer-type vessel, able to carry a large crew a medium-range to a site and back again in comfort and safety. She will be able to navigate in very shallow water and still travel to deep water projects when needed. This versatile boat will fill the wakes of Surface Interval II and the need for a large work platform for shallow water projects! We already have everything we need to commission this boat except the hull!


If the listed donor is a business, please reward their kindness and generosity by taking your business to them.